Sag JA zum Leben Retreat
Amplify Your JOY in Life

The Golden Goddess Circle gathers for the first time in 3D!

9-11 June 2023 in Salzburg, Austria.

This is NOT a Workshop.

This is an Experience!
Secrets to the most joyful manifestation of your heart's desires
Learn how to experience more ease and effortlessness in life

This 2 1/2 day EXPERIENCE is designed to help you realign with your power of creation to create the life your heart truly desires. 

Joy founded the Golden Goddess Circles in 2022 when she noticed how much she was missing empowering sisterhood. 

Together with Sarah Jasmin Cartsburg & Claudia Garstenauer she gathers with over 1000 women from all over the world every single week to create Financial Freedom and Joy for us all. You can see more about this weekly gathering here: English | German

Now it is time for us to gather in person. In Austria, the heart of Europe.

This experience is designed to impact the rest of your life in many wondrous ways. Finally we can get together and create that magic which only happens in 3D.

What do you need?
Check all boxes that apply. 
◻️ More connection with your higher self?
◻️ More joy in your life?
◻️ More peace and tranquility in your head?
◻️ Less stress and busy-ness in your life?
◻️ More time for you?
◻️ More health and healing?
◻️ More vitality and energy?
◻️ A more positive outlook on life?
◻️ More creativity and playfulness?
◻️ More good luck?
◻️ More love inside?
◻️ More happiness?
◻️ More opportunities to be successful?
◻️ More balance? More abundance?
◻️ More flow and equilibrium?
◻️ Better tools to stay powerful?
The Big Reset Begins Inside
This EXPERIENCE will serve as a reset to your system and life will never be the same.

Get ready for BLISS. You are ready for amplification on all levels.

Joy looks forward to sharing what she learned to help you face any challenge with an open heart and create more health, joy, success and abundance in life.

The 7 Secrets to a Joyful Life

Nr. 1 Secret: You must go inside to get divine insights on what you need to do to stay positive and happy.
Nr 2. Secret: Every big challenge will bring out big wounds inside to heal. Heal the wounds and you will overcome your challenges with more grace.
Nr 3. Secret: We need a toolbox of practices (like breathwork, yoga, tapping) for all the different parts of a challenge: the emotions, beliefs, the stories and trauma from past experiences.
Nr 4. Secret: We connect with the best future DAILY to stay positive and motivated.
Nr 5. Secret: We are aware of our needs and express our desires authentically to create an environment in which we can thrive, and our loved ones too.
Nr 6. Secret: We connect to our Divine Source, our Goddess Self to find the answers when we are
confused, despaired or not seeing a way out.
Nr 7. Secret: We know how to quieten our mind to get answers from our highest intelligence, our Intuition.
Are you ready to learn the Seven Secrets?
You can only learn these 7 secrets (as in emBODY them) by experiencing them over and over again. What took Joy years to master, will take you only 2 days because the secrets are easy to grasp when you practice them, especially when you do so in sisterhood.

This is not a workshop with lots of information for your conscious mind. It is a training of the Body-Mind to reset the stress response and install a new program in your subconscious that will become the compass for your new way of living.

Your stress response is how your ego is programmed to react to challenges. Your ego is an instinct to see danger and protect against danger, it is trying to keep you safe and is terrified of change.
It’s time to break free of the prison of the mind and USE the mind the way it was designed to serve us best. 
We will be practicing:
Gentle yoga and mindfulness exercises

Meditation and breathwork


Quantum Hypnosis, Timeline Travel and Compassionate Communication

We will be playing with colors, different elements, essential oils and healing frequencies.
I will show you my favourite ways to manifest with Magical Alchemy. We will talk Abundance and Golden Frequencies.
We will take Creative Glamour Breaks to do some arts & crafts, dance and sing.
We will get high on our own supply in a Cacao Ceremony amplified with conscious breathwork.
We will collaborate, laugh (and cry ;)) together as we unite to one powerful force for the good that uplifts us all.
I will be bringing my crystal singing bowls and an array of energy healing tools with me for you to test.
Time will fly as it does when you’re having fun surfing the Quantum Field. And you do NOT need any prerequisites to join.
The only question you should ask yourself is:
Why is it so easy for me to invest into my own health and happiness? 

Because you know that only by taking good care of yourself, you can care for others well. 


Join us June 9-11 2023 in Austria at the Gastagwirt in Eugendorf bei Salzburg.

Link Gastagwirt

We start Friday at 4pm and end on Sunday at 4pm.

Joy will be teaching in Dinglish- a mix of German and English; and we have Dutch and Italian Goddesses coming too.

Investment: € 599

Generous Snacks, Lunch, Coffee/Tea, Soft drinks for the 2 1/2 days are included in the retreat price.

Please book your own room at the Gastagwirt (we blocked 35 rooms, mention Joy Martina) or at a place of your choosing. We are happy to advise on alternatives if you need help.

Only 60 places available.

First come, first serve.

We look forward to meeting you!

Joy & all the sisters of The Golden Goddess Circle 

I promise you won’t regret your decision to invest in you!

In the case of live events with physical presence of the participants, cancellation or rebooking is excluded in any case, as the host has to rent appropriate locations and therefore has to make advance payments. Booked and paid seminars are therefore binding and cannot be refunded if the participant is prevented from attending the event.
About Joy Martina:

Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist and a Channeler of Christallin Consciousness, specializes in High-Level Intuitive Intelligence Training for entrepreneurs, business owners and celebrities. She is a Bestselling Author, the Creator of the Christallin Oracle Training (a training to develop mastery over our innate psychic abilities), a Master Hypnotist and Trainer of Trainers.

Her best-selling book, “How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life” gives everyone the education and insight that was formally given only to masters. Dr. Joy believes that everyone can develop their psychic skills and fundamentally alter their experience of life.

She is passionate about helping people strengthen their intuition, access their internal intelligence and use more of their potential to create the life of their dreams. She adores guiding people out of their stuck states and inspiring them to enjoy life.  

Her unconventional approach towards coaching and her incredible success rates are based on her ability to combine a wide range of modalities and her skill of connecting to the unconscious parts of the brain. She is able to tap into her clients’ subconscious and higher mind to reveal the original cause of the issue that her client is struggling with. The secret to rapid (and lasting!) change depends on the ability to change the reactionary patterns, which influence the way the client experiences reality.  Joy does this with her VIP clients in 1-1 sessions and with large groups in countries around the globe, where she takes them through powerful and fun processes with cycles of mental and emotional clearing that give incredible yet tangible results.

Dr. Joy’s approach is an eclectic combination of several methods such as NLP, Strategic Intervention Coaching (finding the cause and transforming it), Hypnosis, Omega Health Coaching (finding the stress patterns that cause disease), Sixth and Seventh Sense (Intuition and Precognition), Brain-Resetting (changing the beliefs that inhibit the desired outcome) and other brain-training principles to change the limiting patterns into empowering patterns. Dr. Joy lives mainly in beautiful Salzburg, Austria and enjoys exploring the world.

Find out more about Joy on her website here.

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