Joy to the World!
The GGC (Golden Goddess Circle) is a group of conscious women passionate about empowering women to create financial freedom.
Let’s start the week with an Abundance Mindset!

Come gather with us on Mondays at 9am CET to:

🀩 inspire and uplift each other
😍 share our struggles, insights and dreams
😎 transform limiting beliefs and programming into an abundance mindsetπŸ™ŒπŸΌ collaborate on helping each other rise from the fray of anxiety, doubt and loss
πŸ’› expand into health, love, success and abundance while we inspire others to do the same
Dr. Joy Martina
Psychic Psychologist ✦ Founder of The Joyful Kids & The Christallin Oracles βœ¦
Being Joy while I help myself and others thrive
Linda Alexander
Int'l Private Investment Teacher ✦ Inspirational Speaker from the Heart I Changing Lives through Prosperity ✦ Creatrix of a better World
Mirella Bakker
Personal and Financial Investment Coach ✦ Energizing your deepest desires so you can be the greatest Manifestrix in the most fun way ever
We desire to create a sacred space for women interested in personal growth and financial freedom; so we can together create a new paradigm of true sisterhood and turn on our light to help humanity evolve and the golden Age to unfold gracefully.
Then mark your calendars!

We meet every Monday at 9am CET.

All you need to do is show up with an open heart.

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