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Life Mastery 90 Day Program
Program Begins August 15, 2019
Registration Opens June 24, 2019

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A 90 day life mastery program w/ Dr. Joy Martina culminating in a weekend retreat at the Sanctuary in Asheville, NC - November 1 - 3.
Overcome THE Obstacle

Have you ever noticed that often times all it takes for massive life change is to be able to identify that one barrier, that ONE obstacle holding you back from living your best life, a life in which you stand in your truth and step into your full power?

Sure, it takes work and practice and action, but I’m going to tell you a little secret. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be hard. I know, crazy idea, right?!  I totally understand the resistance. I’ve been there, done that, don’t want the t-shirt. I’m telling you though… once you see another way of be-ing, you can’t unsee your truth.

I’m guessing if you’re here, you do have some idea that change is possible. However, it is likely that some fear is deterring you from living your true bliss. Crazy as it sounds, we become comfortable in that fear. We wear it like a big ol’ blanket. We know it. We’re addicted to it. We don’t know how to shake it off. Whatever it is that’s keeping you from your bliss, this program has been designed to help you identify that fear and overcome that obstacle. It’s time you start making the most of this precious life you’ve been given because here’s the million dollar question: are you more afraid of getting out of your comfort zone now or staying in your comfort zone for ever?

Does any of this sound familiar?
I feel stuck and I want to change, but…
...I don’t know how.
...I’m worried about what everyone will think.
...My circumstances won’t allow it.
...Bad things keep happening to me.
...I'm afraid to fail.
...I don’t have the time or resources to work on it.

With all the love in the world, I’m here to tell you, it’s just B.S - a belief system that is no longer serving you; old conditioning. No matter what comes after “I want, but…” it’s an excuse. And, the excuses may be working to keep you “comfortable.”. If you believe you can’t because {insert excuse here}, you are absolutely right.

If you believe change is possible, you, my friend, are also absolutely right. And, it IS possible. All you have to do is believe it. Not, “yeah, maybe, I think” believing. I’m talking the kind of devout faith that you’ve got this. You CAN do this. And, nothing, I mean, nothing is going to stand in your way.

If you can do that, I can help you with the rest.

This life mastery program is 90 days. And, that’s not just some arbitrary number. 90 days is how long it takes to form a habit.

We’ll launch.

You’ll get a 1:1 30 minute call with me during which we’ll determine the obstacle. You’ll have access to our group coaching community throughout the program. It culminates with an intensive, weekend retreat here at our Sanctuary in Asheville on November 1 - 3.

We’ll tie it up with another 1:1 30 minute call post-retreat.

Beyond that, we invite you to continue with the coaching community for a deeper integration or, at the very least, keep us posted on your progress in our free Facebook group, The Joy Tribe.

Even better, you get to do this life-changing work in beautiful Asheville, NC.

​​​​​​​Lonely Planet’s #1 top travel destination in the U.S.
Here what our Sanctuary guests have to say...

"I got to know myself & love myself for who I am."
- Susan, Asheville, NC

"Our lives change here. I leave, not the Loredana that came." - Loredana, Italy

Speaking, traveling, and running an Inc 500 company are all a dream come true, but everyone needs a break. Thank God I discovered Dr. Joy and Roy Martina and their beautiful Sanctuary Healing Center in Asheville, NC. I feel renewed from head to toe and inside and out. It's like I had a month retreat in just five days. I feel more connected to my body, purpose, and intuition about it all.  I highly recommend you apply to be considered for this exclusive experience.

Lisa Sasevich
The Queen of Sales Conversion
My retreat at The Sanctuary with Joy Martina initiated and brought forth a totally new quality of life. I finally feel strong again. What an incredible experience!  The therapy, the tools, the tips and the practices are allowing me to get better and stronger every day. My skin rashes have vanished - things are changing. Thank you, Joy, for the incredible therapy! I’ll be back next year!

Here’s what you can expect in our 90 day program + retreat
Identification of that ONE obstacle that is most holding you back from growth right now.
A no-bullshit approach to your action plan, cutting through all the excuses and holding you accountable to making the change you need, now.
A loving container to cheer you on, hold your hand, lift you up and SEE the beautiful, amazing soul that you are.
Lots of science-backed magic. We call in our Angels, we burn karma, we channel our higher selves, we communicate compassionately, we muscle test, we regress into past lives and a whole lot more in the name of really becoming our bad-ass selves.
New ideas. Action based strategies. Truth. Shameless brags. Simple tools. Peaceful meditations. Ease. Love. Joy. Forgiveness. Fun.
Here’s what you should NOT expect in our 90 day program + retreat
Rigid structure. We’ll have a schedule, but we allow room for organic flow. We feel it’s important to meet you where you are, and, for that reason, we need a level of fluidity that allows us to do just that. 
A place to hide. Unfortunately, that defeats the purpose. In order to make progress, you will be expected to show up, be seen and be heard. 
Shame, blame or games. Shame only works when we keep it a secret, and that’s why we’ve create a blame-free, no judgment zone where you can be honest and let it all go.
My mission is to help you overcome the biggest thing holding you back right NOW.

2019 Program Dates

August 15 - November 15
Retreat: November 1-3

2020 Program Dates

February 15 - May 15
Retreat: May 1-3

Your program begins…  When you say “yes” to yourself.
  1. Register today

  2. Once registered, you will receive a welcome email with information to start your travel plans for the November retreat and get a special bonus so you can start your brain training and prep your mind.

  3. You will receive a scheduling link so you can schedule your first 1:1 call with Joy aimed to identify that one thing we will be working on throughout our time together. Prior to the start date of the program, you will receive access to our group coaching community where you will have access to all of our past recordings, the schedule of our 2x monthly group calls, admission to our private FB group so that you can start garnering support from other group members and Drs. Joy & Roy Martina, and all kinds of bonuses like our AM/PM Brain Training program, the Heart Manifestation Experience weekend training and multiple e-books written by Drs. Joy & Roy.

  4. At about 2.5 months into the program, we will convene live and in-person here in Asheville, NC for your retreat weekend which will prove to be as relaxing as it is intensive.

  5. Post retreat, you will have one more 1:1 call with Joy to close out the program and anchor in this new way of being that you learned throughout the program.

The Investment
One payment of $1495
Three Payments of $525 monthly




90 Day Access to Group Coaching Community Includes:
2x monthly 1.5 hour group coaching calls to answer your most pressing questions and offer coaching on the most relevant topics. Calls are tailored to individual needs and the energy of the group. What helps one person, almost always helps everyone in the group.
Access to exclusive, private Facebook group where we hold accountability challenges, ask questions, herald successes and support and inspire each other daily.
Access to our membership site where you will find all past recordings of group coaching calls with accompanying notes to make it easy to find topics you might be interested in most.
Our AM/PM Brain Training Program. These 14 meditations were designed to start and end your day by training your subconscious to support you in managing overwhelm, creating balance and connecting to your Intuition.
​​​​​​​These meditations are yours to keep forever.
The Heart Manifestation Experience Weekend training. This 24 part video series is a digitally mastered recording of a training in Oy, Germany and will help you to tear down your heart walls to raise the frequency of your heart and manifest magic in your life.
Group Coaching Call Schedule:
August 20, 12pm EST / 6pm CET
September 4, 12pm EST / 6pm CET
September 25, 12pm EST / 6pm CET
October 9, 12pm EST / 6pm CET
October 30, 12pm EST / 5pm CET
November 13, 12pm EST / 6pm CET
The Retreat Includes:
A kick-off cocktail celebration Friday evening at the Barn to get to know other participants and meet your retreat facilitators + a bonfire burning ceremony to let go of the past and pave the way for the adventure we’re embarking.
Full training days Saturday & Sunday including activities such as karma burning exercises, yoga, meditation, vision boarding, compassionate communication training, solo time for journaling, hot seat sessions and much, much more.
Organic catered meals, tea breaks and nourishing snacks throughout the day.
Plenty of time in the evening to explore the Asheville area and we recommend extending your weekend if possible to enjoy a free day of exploration and integration.
Á la Carte Retreat Add-Ons & Therapies Offered at the Sanctuary:
A Transformational Spiritual Experience
  • Dancing

  • Hiking

  • Horseback Riding

  • Artistic Expression Therapy

  • Age Regression & Inner Child Work

  • Family Constellation
  • Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression

  • Homeopathy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Gemstone Therapy

  • Magnetfield Therapy
  • Styling & MakeUp Sessions

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Quantum Massage

  • Christallin Source Healing

  • Acupuncture

  • Oberon Biofeedback
  • Quantum Hypnosis

  • Matrix Energetics

  • Omega Health Coaching

  • Nutritional Testing and Desensitization

  • Phobia Transformation

  • And More!