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What you will learn in this chapter:
Intuition as a Form of Intelligence

Discover how Intuition IS a form of intelligence & how Steve Jobs led the way on boosting this concept.

More than Half of the US Population is Unhappy
Uncover the link between the epidemic of depression and the disconnect from our own Intuition.
Why the Conscious Mind Must Lean on Intuition
Make the connections between the processes of our conscious and subconscious minds and how to use both to their best potential.
Brain Hack: The Switch
Learn a trick you can use anytime, any place to change a negative state to a positive one.
How to Use Intuition to Change Your Life: Introduction to Higher Intelligence
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What would your life look like if you trusted every decision you made and acted from a place of steadfast power & safety?
This is what life can be like when we learn to trust our Intuition. And, trust me, it is a learned skill or perhaps, I should say a re-learned skill. It is an innate gift that we all have, and through years of societal conditioning and past experiences, we become skeptical and let fear take the reigns. After decades of working with people to release traumas, overcome sabotage and claim the happiness that is their birthright, I recognized that the common thread leading to an increasing unhappiness and uncertainty is INTUITION. It became a driving force for my own path to living a joy filled life, and also my mission to impart this critical key to happiness with as many people as I can.

I poured my own life experiences, years of research and tried and true strategies to strengthen this muscle that so many have unwittingly left to wither away. The whole book is packed full of not just inspiration, but techniques that you can put to the test immediately. I pulled an excerpt for you to get a peek inside and even this one section of the book reveals a wealth of knowledge that I truly believe can help change the way you see and value your Intuition, your internal GPS..... and you'll also receive one of many brain hacks provided throughout the book so that you can start adding tools to your toolbox. Grab your FREE chapter below and start tapping into your highest intelligence!
Love this uplifting take on how to see life in a new light. Joy’s wisdom on how to build intuition is a must for anyone who works as an intuitive healer or uses their empathic gifts to make the world a better place!! - Jennifer Iserloh
"In your book there is everything needed to live a true life. The famous book of instruction." - Paola Paltani

"I devoured this book. Every page pushed me to read the next. I took notes, I made reflections to see if even my behavioral patterns blocked my intuition. Thanks to this book, I discovered those little dark corners I didn’t see where everything I didn’t want was hidden or I couldn’t see why my patterns were holding me back. My Chakras now have vibrato, it’s like everything is now aligned in a way that it serves me to take back myself. I understand that the only way to allow the whisper to speak to me and guide me is to please myself first and accept my own wishes and importance. If emotions are energy in motion, I want to twirl in emotional mastery. I now understand there are interesting ways to learn. I am grateful to you Joy Martina for writing this book and donating to me the spark I needed to brighten my path. Change is always a new discovery, and many beautiful new emotions will now arrive in my life simply with grace and joy. Thank you Thank you Thank you." - Laura 

"Thank you so much. I am so enjoying reading your book. All the important things for me right now are described in your book." - Natasja
"Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and Intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."
Steve Jobs